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Doughnut Shack is a take-away Doughnut Shop dedicated to exploring the possible shape and form of this all-time favorite comfort food so we can bring our customers the best artisan doughnuts & bombolinis

Classic Doughnuts, donut holes, cake donuts,bombolinis, and beignets. Sweet, Savoury and somewhere in between.


How can you order? You can place your order through our online store or find us on these platforms: Deliveroo, Foodpanda and Grabfood to satisfy your doughnuts craving.

Are we halal certified? Our doughnuts are not halal certified but rest assure we don't use any pork, lard, gelatine nor alcohol in the proccess of making. 


we do provide doughnuts & bombolinis as part of the dessert table for weddings 

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